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  1. Stone-Look Vinyl. Get the look of natural stone tiles in easy-to-install vinyl that’s warmer and more comfortable to walk on. Popular Colors. White. Gray. Beige. Mahogany. Brown. Black. Vinyl Flooring for Every Room. Kitchens and baths are just the beginning. With a variety of budget-friendly styles, textures and colors, you’ll want to add.
  2. Stone-Look Tile. From trendy marble and travertine styles to slate-like designs and textures, our stone-look tile will blow you away with gorgeous details and unbelievable quality. Made from porcelain, each tile series is waterproof with a tough wear rating.
  3. Citadel multi color FLtile like edimax 12X Cordoba Ivory Travertine Pattern. Crema Marfil Polished.
  4. Stoner More Shine Less Time for Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber - 9oz (0) | Frequently Asked Questions. Product Description 12 Per Case No waste, no wiping, no cloths with controlled spray system aerosol. Applies gentle, even mist Quickly applies to hard to reach areas (i.e. air vents, shift boots, air dams) evenly with no drip or streaks.
  5. Our Vinyl Stone gives looks just like the real thing, but at a fraction of the price. It duplicates the rugged, natural look of real stacked stone and river rock in a variety of colors. It can be used to cover your entire home, or just accent a section. Great for use in gables because you don’t have all the weight of real stone hanging on the.
  6. While installing your own vinyl siding may seem like a good way to keep your budget down, you may end up spending more if you don’t know what you’re doing. No matter the quality of your vinyl siding, it will not perform the way it should if it is not properly installed, which could impact your warranty.
  7. Vinyl floors may be advertised as just rigid core, or include the abbreviation to describe the type of core construction. WPC vinyl flooring is a vinyl floor with a wood plastic composite core. You can learn more about WPC vinyl flooring here. SPC vinyl flooring is a vinyl floor with a stone plastic composite core.
  8. Vinyl siding typically has a warranty that ranges years after installation. When compared to brick, vinyl siding is more susceptible to impact damage from hail, baseballs, tree limbs and other objects blown around by the wind, scratches from lawn tools and shrubbery, and staining from insecticide, herbicide and other household products.

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