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  1. Chiastic Slide Autechre. out of 5 stars Audio CD. £ Draft 今までAUTECHREのCDはかわずにきたけど That track is also the first track on Autechre's first album "Incunabula". So this is where collecting "Autechre" began for me. Autechre is very unique. Some call /5(25).
  2. Feb 12,  · Favorite Tracks: Cipater, Cichli, Calbruc, Pule, Nuane Least Favorite Track: Rettic Ac Autechre - Chiastic Slide (Album Review) YouTube; A Guide to AUTECHRE - Duration:
  3. Like most Autechre albums, Chiastic Slide isn't short of jaw dropping moments or a thick, impenetrable sonic atmosphere. The only thing this album suffers from is an overabundance of filler, and too many tracks that seem to last forever without really progressing or doing anything interesting (see: 'Hub').
  4. Apr 10,  · While "LP5" somehow managed to transcend all of this, "Chiastic Slide" is the crucible that made "LP5" possible. And "Chiastic Slide" is the first album in the Ae catalog that defined Autechre as something unique, almost apart from all other popular music. Reply Notify me 4 Helpful utopia/5().
  5. 4) Chiastic Slide. Though more on the ambient side, this album is still surprisingly complex. Chiastic also comes across as the most emotional laden album and becomes really dark and almost surreal at times. Tri Repetae got me into Autechre, but Chiastic Slide grabbed me and dragged me deeper. 3) Tri Repetae. Where it all started for me.
  6. Autechre followed the warmly-received Tri Repetae with Anvil Vapre, an ep that hinted at an edgier, darker and more organic side. Chiastic Slide showed that side in full view. Someone once compared the music on Tri Repetae as the sound of machines chattering away to each other in the dark/5(39).
  7. Buy Chiastic Slide by Autechre on Bleep. Available on Vinyl LP, CD. Download MP3, WAV, FLAC. Chiastic Slide on Bleep. Instant MP3 Download with CD or Vinyl purchase. Read More. Digital Track List 8 Pule Buy. WAV / FLAC $; MP3.
  8. Apr 28,  · 1) - Cipater 2) - Rettic AC 3) - Tewe 4) - Cichli 5) - Hub 6) - Calbruc 7) - Recury 8) - Pule 9) - Nuane.
  9. Chiastic Slide, released on February 17, , isn’t even Autechre’s best album. (That award goes to Tri Repetae, for purposes of pleasure, or LP5, for warping of the mind.) But pull back far.

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