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  1. The FDA announced the seizure of , bottles of dietary supplements containing synthetic ephedrine and the bulk ephedrine used for production purposes from .
  2. The largest precursor chemical import is ephedrine for the production of cold medication. However, ephedrine is also diverted for the manufacturing of methamphetamine. The NDLEA reported seizures of kg of ephedrine in Five kilograms of the seized ephedrine were destined for South Africa.
  3. Jul 24,  · Federal policemen look at seized barrels they suspect contain the ingredients to make crystal methamphetamines during an operation against the Michoacan cartel known as "La Familia" (The Family) in Apatzingan in Mexico's state of Michoacan, in this October 29, file photo. The synthetic drug is derived from ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.
  4. Following this, Ephedrine should provide assisted fat loss throughout its use in combination with a nutrition regime favors fat loss. The expected fat loss as a result of Ephedrine’s assistance can vary between individuals, but studies referenced earlier have demonstrated an additional lbs. per month compared to placebos.
  5. Next to the bags were found barrels, each with a capacity for liters (44 gallons) of the chemical elements, as well as 57 pots for preparing the mood-altering drug.
  6. truck contained approximately twenty-one barrels of ephedrine, a precursor chemical used to manufacture methamphetamine. The driver of the truck, Ricardo Perez, was arrested and interviewed by DEA agents and Colorado Springs police. Ricardo told the officers that he .
  7. May 09,  · During the searches, officers seized close to 29 kilograms of powder cocaine, 3, illegally grown marijuana plants and close to kilograms of ephedrine (medication used in .
  8. The company produced plant-extract products, some of which contained ephedrine. The year-old businessman was the last of six businessmen convicted in a conspiracy to smuggle barrels of.

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