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  1. A newspaper reporter learned of its fate and told Memphis mayor Walter Chandler; Chandler bought the B, originally costing $,, for the $ salvage price as a way to honor the city’s namesake (“ Memphis Belle ” is a tribute to resident Margaret Polk, the pilot’s girlfriend). But after six decades, local groups concluded they Author: Mark Bernstein.
  2. May 14,  · The Memphis Belle flies its 25th bombing mission On May 17, , the crew of the Memphis Belle, one of a group of American bombers based in Britain, becomes the first B .
  3. Memphis Belle then crossed the Atlantic to what became the home base for the 91st Bomb Group, Bassingbourn, England. One of Belle‘s more notable missions was flown as part of the 91st Bomb Group’s assault on enemy installations at Romilly sur Seine. In his post-mission debriefing, Morgan recalled: “We hit the hangars and the depots.

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