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  1. Regina Caeli. Pope Benedict XVI. An appointment in Milan. At the end of Mass on Sunday, 5 June [], the Holy Father led the prayer of the Regina Caeli, entrusting Croatian families to the Virgin Mary's protection. He mentioned the Beatification of Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, celebrated at El Burgo de Osma, Spain, that same morning.
  2. "Regina caeli" is a musical antiphon addressed to the Blessed Virgin Mary that is used in the liturgy of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church during the Easter season, from Easter Sunday until Pentecost. During this season, it is the Marian antiphon that ends Compline and it takes the place of the traditional thrice-daily Angelus prayer. In the past, the spelling "Regina coeli" was sometimes used, but this .
  3. May 10,  · Regina Caeli FNE Group. Our group is called the Reginal Caeli (Queen of Heaven) FNE group. Our neckerchief colors have some spiritual significance in addition to some natural tie to our geographic area. We chose Gold to signify the royal crown of Our Lady, a nod to our diocesan crest which features a ring of gold, the gold rush of the Black.
  4. Pastor, Regina Caeli Parish. Recent Bulletin Sermons. , Series on the Mass: Part 24, The Offertory, Part 1; , Series on the Mass, Part Participation of the Faithful; , Series on the Mass, Part The Mass and the Missal;.
  5. Iseion by VRNA, released 21 June 1. Persephone 2. Ta-Urt 3. Cibele 4. Demetra 5. Regina Caeli 6. Regina Inferi 7. Iside 8. Rangda Originally released by Quartier23 Limited edition digipack Cdr MMX.
  6. Apr 09,  · The Origin of the Regina Caeli Prayer April 9, | Andrea Phillips Reply From Holy Saturday to Pentecost we sing or recite one of the Church’s most joyful anthems, the Regina Cæli (O, Queen of Heaven), customarily said in place of the Angelus at twelve noon.
  7. Regina caeli (O Queen of Heaven) Regina Caeli: English and Latin This is one of four Marian antiphons, with following versicles and prayers, traditionally said or sung after night prayer, immediately before going to sleep.
  8. Regina Caeli hoặc Regina Coeli (“Nữ Vương Thiên Đàng “, phát âm là [re’dʒi ː na’tʃɛ ː li] trong Giáo Hội La Mã), là một từ Latinh trong thánh ca được dùng để tôn kính Đức Mẹ Maria của Giáo Hội Kitô Giáo. Đây là một trong bốn câu xướng của Trinh Nữ Maria, được .

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